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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this cost anything?
What can I get for free?
You can upload your music free of charge. You can create an account to help keep track of what you've uploaded, played, downloaded, etc.
Can I upload my music to UBER.FM?
As long as you own the copyright to your music then the answer is always "Yes!".
What if I upload my music and down the line I want to sign a record label deal?
When you upload your music and photos to UBER.FM, you are assigning a revocable but otherwise perpetual nonexclusive right of redistribution to UBER.FM. This means that you still own all copyrights to your material, you can do whatever else you want with it, and if a conflict of interest comes up down the line, you can take your material off of UBER.FM.
What kind of music can I upload?
UBER.FM is pleased to accept music of any genre with any message behind it. Anything that is not otherwise illegal is acceptable on UBER.FM.
Is there a limit to how much I can upload?
While some sites only allow you to upload 5 songs, there is no specific limit to what you can upload to UBER.FM. That said, there is a practical limit when it comes to system resources, but the intention is to hide any technical limits from our customers.
What types of files can I upload?
UBER.FM supports the following audio formats for uploading:
  • FLAC - This is the highest quality format and is preferred by UBER.FM
  • WAV - Same quality as FLAC but not compressed
  • MP3 - The most common format in the wild. Whenever there is a question, we prefer a higher bitrate to a lower bitrate. Anything lower than 128kbps should not be used for anything other than plain voice recordings.
  • WMA - Be sure the audio does not contain DRM encryption. Files using the WMA Lossless codec are not supported.
  • AAC - Again, be sure the audio does not contain DRM encryption.