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UBER.FM allows musicians to connect with their fans through the shared experience of music.

While there are other websites out there that may say they're about music, the reality is that they are more concerned with pushing advertisements and locking you in to certain kinds of mp3 players to guarantee themselves long term revenue streams. The music - the "content" - is a generic widget that lures in consumers so they will view more ads and buy more branded mp3 players.

UBER.FM is about independence - your independence. As a musician, you can use UBER.FM and maintain full control over all of your material and the information displayed about you. You can upload albums with high production quality or you can upload a rough cut of something you recorded in the basement last night. Your fans want to hear it all.

Listeners, you don't need to fuel the machine to perpetuate the myth that musicians need to wear eyeliner or do commercials for car companies to be successful. You don't have to be a part of the problem. There are alternatives and this is one of them. We will not sue your grandmother or your 4 year old nephew. We don't care what kind of computer you have, what kind of mp3 player you have, or whether you're streaming music at work or burning it to a CD and listening to it in the car. Give your money directly to the bands you like to incent them to provide more music for you to listen to.

UBER.FM rocks and we want you to rock too.

The People

Bart Cilfone

Bart is the founder and developer behind UBER.FM. Bart has over fifteen years of professional software development experience focusing on media and community with successful long-running projects such as Ubersite and Bored at Work.